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470 sales and service outlets testify to LEROY-SOMER's strong commercial presence in all international markets.

These installations are totally integrated within the country concerned, by nationals who are in touch with the needs of industry, commercial practice, and current standards. The extensive product ranges bring the company into contact with customers differing widely both in their needs, and in the way in which these needs are expressed.


The sales forces are organised into two major specialist networks:

  • one develops long term partnerships with manufacturers. Its representatives work with the customers' design offices to define company-specific products and services,
  • the other serves the needs of end-users, offering them both technical support and service, ensuring the availability of products and answering demands made of them effectively and efficiently.

The twin goals of proximity and specialisation call for a specific organisation, based on:

  • subsidiaries located in the major industrialised nations,
  • branches specialising in particular areas (users, design offices, engineering offices, manufacturers) which offer advice, draw up specifications and select and put in place technical solutions.
  • partners, involved in the following areas: product availability, advice on equipment and installation within industry, assistance with commissioning, on-site troubleshooting, repair at the factory, servicing and preventive maintenance.

LEROY-SOMER has a presence on the North-American continent through the distribution network set up with US Motors, which is also a subsidiary of the main group shareholder, Emerson.

These networks include a number of partners: distributors, service centres, design offices and engineering offices.
The technical support material and catalogues are specific to each product line and have been translated into a number of languages.